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Unstructured Content: An Untapped Fuel Source for AI and Machine Learning
CIO Update Staff | Published Sep 5, 2017
Advancements in AI and ML make it possible and affordable to sift through vast amounts of unstructured data.

Tags:business,Unstructured Data,organization,AI,structured data,artificial intelligence,machine learning,competitiveness,ML
The Role of JavaScript in Cognitive Application Development
CIO Update Staff | Published Jun 5, 2017

Cognitive computing is widely used to cover a whole array of technologies that are combined to solve problems by simulating the human thought process.

Tags:JavaScript,AI,artificial intelligence,IoT,cognitive computing technologies,cognitive application development
Strengthen Your Mobile App Development Using Business Intelligence and Analytics
CIO Update Staff | Published Mar 27, 2017

The best mobile apps developed in the future will be the ones that take full advantage of all the tools available to them. Learn about them here.

Tags:business intelligence,analytics,AI,big data,mobile app development,machine learning
Seven Changes 2017 Will Bring for Software Developers
CIO Update Staff | Published Jan 19, 2017

Many new developments are slated for 2017. Here are seven key changes you need to be prepared to handle.

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