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Using kubeadm to Install Kubernetes
Deepak Vohra | Published Oct 25, 2017

Kubernetes 1.4 introduces a new tool, kubeadm, to bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster.

Tags:database,Amazon EC2,Cloud,CentOS,Ubuntu,Fedora,cluster,SSH,node,pod,bootstrap,docker,CoreOS,Kubernetes,Kubernetes Cluster,Calico Pod
Setting Up Windows Server 2016 on Amazon EC2
Deepak Vohra | Published Sep 29, 2017

Explore starting a Windows Server 2016 instance on AWS EC2 and accessing the instance with Chrome RDP.

Tags:AWS,Amazon EC2,Cloud,Microsoft Azure,AMI,Windows Server 2016,Windows 10 OS,remote desktop management,Chrome RDP,inbound traffic,local machine
Using Docker Swarm (Legacy) with Oracle
Deepak Vohra | Published Feb 22, 2017

Create a Docker Swarm cluster of three nodes, and then subsequently run Oracle Database on the cluster.

Tags:Oracle,Amazon EC2,Ubuntu,Bash Shell,Docker Swarm,Docker Engine,Swarm,AMI Ubuntu Server,Docker Swarm agent,SQL*Plus