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Technologies Targeted by Developers: Where Do You Stand?
Bradley L. Jones | Published Nov 17, 2017

From Artificial Intelligence to Bots to Mixed Reality, there are numerous leading-edge technologies. Find out which have the attention of developers!

Tags:developer,Cloud,mobile,technology,bot,artificial intelligence,machine learning,IoT,blockchain,mixed reality
Where More Developers Are Being Hired (and Where They Are Not)
Cynthia Harvey | Published Aug 18, 2017

Developers may be looking in the wrong place during a job search. Here's how to find out where to look for that perfect opportunity.

Tags:developer,Silicon Valley,CompTIA,unemployment rate,software development jobs,Glassdoor survey,hire qualified IT talent,Cyberstates 2017
10 Ways Developer Hiring Has Changed
Cynthia Harvey | Published Aug 4, 2017

As might be expected, the hiring trends for developers are changing. Here's how to keep abreast of the differences from years past to today.

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Developer Productivity: Managing Cycle Times in Iterative Development
Robert L. Bogue | Published Mar 17, 2017

Look into the concept of iterations, and that how quickly we cycle can make a big difference.

Tags:automation,developer,QA,iteration,developer productivity,cycle times,iterative development,waterfall development
Five Mistakes Indie Game Developers Should Avoid
CIO Update Staff | Published Mar 1, 2017

Independent game designers are at the core of the gaming world. Avoid these mistakes and be more successful.

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The Real Cost of Interrupting Your Development Team
Drew Hendricks | Published Feb 1, 2017

It takes time to "get into the zone." Find new ways to avoid distractions that break the flow of concentration.

Tags:developer,productivity,concentration,troubleshoot,job dissatisfaction,development teams,interrupting
Seven Changes 2017 Will Bring for Software Developers
CIO Update Staff | Published Jan 19, 2017

Many new developments are slated for 2017. Here are seven key changes you need to be prepared to handle.

Tags:developer,Cloud,code,AI,features,applications software,containers as a service,chatbots
Developer.com Recognized as a Top 50 Software Development Blog
Bradley Jones | Published Jan 4, 2017

FeedSpot recognizes Developer.com Recognized as a Top 50 Software Development Blog.

Developer Productivity: Ensuring Productive Meetings
Robert L. Bogue | Published Jan 4, 2017

Meetings are most productive when only the necessary participants attend. Can your meetings be more productive?

Tags:developer,productivity,agile,waterfall,meeting,punctuality,standup meeting,Agile-Fall,estimating