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Tip for Porting Legacy ASP.NET Apps to ASP.NET Core
Joydip Kanjilal | Published Sep 13, 2017

Take advantage of the best practices and tools to ensure that the process of migration of your legacy ASP.NET application to ASP.NET Core is seamless.

Tags:open source,ASP.NET,Linux,web application,Windows,Visual Studio,Mac,migration,BCL,ASP.NET Core,seamless integration,.NET Portability Analyzer
Seven Key Benefits of Open Source Software
CIO Update Staff | Published Aug 31, 2017

Here are seven key benefits of using open source software.

Tags:open source,security,software,patch,bug,licensing,free,morale,end users,features,Proprietary,cheap,github,Hyperledger,availablity
Merging Database Tables with RapidMiner
Deepak Vohra | Published Apr 21, 2017

Learn to use RapidMiner to merge MySQL database tables within the Apache Hadoop software.

Tags:Hadoop,open source,MySQL,Apache,GUI,big data,Merge,data science,Graphical User Interface,database table,Radoop,RapidMiner Studio 7.3.x