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For more than a decade, CIO Update has provided IT decision-makers with the latest thinking and best intelligence on the challenges, opportunities, and topics facing information technology leaders like you.

From emerging technology trends and what they mean for organizations and the IT departments that support them, to staffing and leadership issues, to strategic IT alignment around business priorities – CIOs, IT managers, VPs, and other C-level executives from around the world turn to CIOUpdate to help navigate the fast-paced and ever-changing world of information technology.

As IT organizations transition away from a narrow focus on order fulfillment and take on the responsibilities of being true service providers that support the business with outstanding ROI and customer service, CIO Update helps bridge the gap in thinking and best practices that often occurs during such disruptive times.

Equally, as the job of the CIO morphs from a singular focus on technology to one that also requires business acumen, CIOUpdate provides the guidance that only seasoned IT executives, veteran IT journalists, and industry analysts can provide.

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