BSM Defined: What It Is and Should Never Be

BSM as a Guide

It is important to remember that BSM exists only to guide ITSM. This is a critical point. BSM provides the guidance required to help business and IT executives overcome substantial obstacles. Also remember that BSM is not a product-set but rather a mind-set. BSM is managing IT strategy in order to lead IT operations. As such, BSM has little direct cost, and a significant investment in tools is often not required for success with BSM. However, improvement projects uncovered by BSM techniques often point out the need for training, consulting, improved management controls, software, hardware, etc. In short, the major investment in BSM comes at the end of its process and will be justified in business terms by that time.

Every organization has important business processes underpinned by IT services, and every IT service has constraints that limit performance relative to goals. In order to manage the performance of the entire system, constraints must be identified and managed correctly. BSM provides a staged and disciplined approach embracing both technical and non-technical aspects of ITSM.

ITSM implementation can be difficult and is often prone to failure. BSM makes it more successful and causes it to occur within the context of what is most important to the business. This dramatically improves the odds of success. BSM’s true value is the long-term adoption of best practices. BSM builds a stronger organization that matches the service provided to the present and future needs of the business and provides services in the most cost-effective manner. Both of these actions will improve the standing of IT within the business and improve both the competitive advantage and bottom line of the business.

Hank Marquis leads the Business Service Management practice area for Global Knowledge. He is responsible for BSM strategy worldwide – integrating ITIL, ISO-20000, COBIT, Six Sigma and Project Management into seamless solutions for clients. Hank has over 25 years of experience in IT operations, product development, and sales. Hank also holds advanced IT management, audit, governance and quality certifications.