Defining IT for the Business

As with ITIL’s Configuration Management, you don’t want to record everything because you can. Instead focus on what will bring the most benefit initially and evolve your service definitions from there. The scope of the initial services can be limited to a specific subset. So to the level of detail recorded for each service and component CI therein. Trying to record everything from the start is very risky. Odds are a relative minority of services and data about those services will yield the most benefit relative to the associated costs.

As new services are brought online, then their requirements need to be understood as well. At the outset, the service should be entered into the Service Catalog so changes can be properly recorded against it. As more information becomes known, then the Service Catalog entry should be commensurately updated.

Documenting services and CI relationships will help other process areas. Furthermore, by identifying the services provided to the organization, IT can begin to demonstrate the value it provides plus glean insight into how to best enhance and safeguard the business.

George Spafford is a principal consultant with Pepperweed Consulting and a long-time IT professional. George’s professional focus is on compliance, security, management and overall process improvement.