Friday’s Top 5

Five Hot Trends in 2008

While these five trends are familiar, 2008 should see them maturing to become forces in their own right, not just sideline fads that may or may not make a difference to your operations.

Software Project Failure: The Reasons, The Costs

When a major software project fails, the results can be devastating to an organization. This article uses economic criterion to define what it means for a project to fail and examines common traps that contribute to or accelerate project failure.

UNIX vs. Linux: A Vendor’s Perspective

A UNIX to Linux migration is a tricky question without a definitive answer … even from the vendors promoting both.

Introducing a Project Management Office Into Your Organization

After you get the office going you’ll need just a few more things, writes CIOUpdate guest columnist George Hunte of CA, in this six part series.

Social Networking and the Business: Friend or Foe?

If IT is all about managing change and risk, where does social networking fall in this hierarchy, asks CIOUpdate columnist Julie Craig of Enterprise Management Associates.