Heavyweight Weighs In on Outsourcing

The EIA announced Thursday it’s legislative agenda for 2004 will make offshore outsourcing a key legislative issue in 2004.

EIA is calling on political leaders from both parties to work in partnership with the U.S. high-tech industry and examine not only present-day issues such as offshore outsourcing, but also the future of American high-tech innovation.

EIA plans to release and distribute a policy playbook for opinion leaders and policymakers this spring that will include legislative and regulatory recommendations that emanated from its Prosperity Game on Offshore Outsourcing and Innovation. Over the course of the year, EIA will meet with members of Congress, the Bush administration and the democratic presidential nominee to press for implementation of these recommendations. For more information on EIA’s Prosperity Game and its outcome click here.

Other issues on EIA’s Washington agenda include innovation, international trade, tax policy, environmental concerns, Internet security, and broadband issues.

EIA is a national trade organization of U.S. manufacturers representing more than 80% of the $400 billion electronics industry and its 1.57 million jobs.

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