How to Develop a Mobile Strategy

The benefits of a mobile strategy

What will a Once a mobile strategy is in place, what can it mean to your organization? The benefits of a mobile strategy can be remarkable:

    • Executives now are using their hand-held devices to access internal dashboards, allowing them to take immediate action to improve outcomes.
    • Sales and marketing staffs gain real-time access to customer data from CRM systems and can input information immediately remotely rather than waiting until the weekend when some information points may be missed.
  • Now that employees are no longer handcuffed to their desktop PCs, they can spend more time in the field with customers and still have access to all the data they need to do their jobs.
  • A strategy developed for an online retailer resulted in an internaliPhone application allowing employeesto quickly and easily access company news, search the employee directory, and locateavailable conference rooms.
  • Mobile applications developed for a national bank furnish real-time currency rate tracking, travel emergency response, travel voice-and-data roaming reporting, and an iPad-based executive dashboard.
  • A medical center created an application that allows patients to use their mobile devices to make appointments, email the medical team, see lab and test results, get routine care reminders, check immunization history, see allergies and health conditions, check symptoms, map medical facilities, call 24/7 for professional medical advice, and see lab and pharmacy wait times at clinics.

A mobile strategy can be transformative. It is important that enterprises act early, however. The battle for talent is heating up in the corporate world, and today’s employees expect and often demand that mobile solutions be available to enable them to do their jobs. Most of them, have grown up in a world where social networking and texting have replaced email and portals. And, even the ones who haven’t, now expect the same level of connectivity and ease of use they have become accustom to at home.

To get the information they need, they must be able to connect with other employees and to have anywhere/anytime access to data. A successful mobile strategy can help ensure that your organization competes effectively for the best of today’s employees and the most demanding of today’s customers.

As national general manager of Solutions at Slalom Consulting, Tom Chew is responsible for managing and expanding the firm’s technology consulting practice and network of innovation practices nationally, as well as managing The Studio marketing team.