ICAN Try To Take Your Business

Officials at enterprise application integrator (EAI) SeeBeyond are extending credit to IBM customers who switch to its integration software platform.

The move is the second time in recent months the Monrovia, Calif.-based, company has launched an aggressive campaign to steal market share from another EAI provider in a crowded software sector. In late November, SeeBeyond offered credits to people who migrated away from webMethods.

The credit campaign runs until the end of June and applies to comparable modules within IBM’s WebSphere and SeeBeyond’s Integrated Composite Application Network (ICAN) 5.0.

ICAN 5.0 was released in March 2003 and includes 85 adaptors to third-party applications, a portal tool and programming-free business activity monitors (BAM).

Ross Altman, SeeBeyond’s CTO, said the IBM and webMethods programs aren’t the last. The company will soon open up the program to BEA customers, though he would not state when this would happen.