Look Out Linux, The Chinese Are Coming

The Chinese software maker Evermore Software announced Tuesday at DEMO 2004 in Scottsdale, AZ. it is entering the U.S. desktop productivity suite market.

Based on a cross-application shared data repository the company’s Evermore Integrated Office (EIOffice) is set for commercial launched in May, but the pilot edition can be purchased for $65.95 before the official launch date. After launch, lease pricing will be $99 annually or $249 for three years.

EIOffice consolidates into one application the separate components of a conventional Office suite, the company said. Users launch EIOffice, not a word processor, then a spreadsheet, then a business graphics application. EIOffice stores all text, worksheets, graphics, audio, video and slides in one file format, .eio. One “binder” stores all related cell ranges, text, graphics, audio and video objects.

“‘Made in Japan’ was once synonymous with shoddy products and cheap prices,” said Gus Tsao, president, CEO and founder of Evermore. “That was then. Look at Japan today; setting standards against which companies around the world must compete. China is making that same journey and Evermore is simply at the head of a long Chinese software dragon.”

Written in Java, EIOffice runs on Windows and Linux, while support for Macintosh OS X and Solaris is in development.