Obama Names Tech Execs to Transition Team

President-elect Barack Obama has tapped two prominent tech executives to serve on his transition team to build the infrastructure for the next administration.

Advising Obama will be Julius Genchowski, the managing director of venture capital firm Rock Creek Ventures and a former general counsel for IAC, and Sonal Shah, who heads global development for Google.org, the search giant’s philanthropic arm.

Obama has already signaled that technology policy will be a priority in his administration. He favors Net neutrality, the principle that Internet service providers should be barred from selectively blocking or degrading traffic on their networks. He also has come out in favor of stricter safeguards for online privacy and new spectrum policies to boost access to high-speed Internet service.

Genchowski attended law school with Obama at Harvard University, and also served as chief counsel for Reed Hundt, a former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission who campaigned on behalf of Obama.

Genchowski has been advising Obama on technology issues throughout the campaign, and has served on the board of several tech firms, including Web.com, Truveo and Rapt. Under the aegis of Rock Creek Ventures, Genchowski also founded Launchbox Digital, a Washington, D.C.-based startup incubator.

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