Obama’s Cyber Security Czar Good Pick for IT

CIOs are up against extremely sophisticated criminal organizations who, in some cases, may be backed by foreign governments. As it stands today most corporate CIOs lack the resources and expertise needed to prevail in this fight. Previously, the federal government has not worked effectively with the private sector in combating cyber crime; in large part because prior administrations kept vital information secret. If the Obama administration follows through on its outlined strategy for cyber security, CIOs can expect to receive more information from the Feds about potential threats and more aid in identifying and prosecuting those responsible.

Our nation’s cyber security is closely intertwined with that of the private sector, and the Obama administration’s policy outline and its nomination of Hathaway demonstrate that it recognizes the link. The future will likely bring tougher regulations for CIOs, but, if the administration follows through with its pledge to work in partnership with the private sector and to increase enforcement, the end result could mean a more secure IT environment for everyone.

Michael Markulec is the COO of Lumeta Corporation, a network visibility and mapping provider. For more information on Lumeta, visit http://www.lumeta.com.