Oracle Debuts ISV Program for Unbreakable Linux

Oracle has already joined forces with Red Hat and with UnitedLinux. On Wednesday it moved to round out its Unbreakable Linux program by bringing in the independent software vendors (ISVs).

The company unveiled the Unbreakable Linux Partner Initiative, saying it will provide sales incentives, marketing funds, development and support resources to convince ISVs to jump onto the Unbreakable Linux bandwagon.

“Linux is the fastest growing server operating system and Oracle already has more than 4,000 ISVs using Oracle software on Linux,” said Mark Jarvis, chief marketing officer, Oracle. He added, “Through this initiative, we will work together with our partners to offer a catalog of ‘Powered by Unbreakable Linux’ offerings to this high-growth market that is looking for reliable, scalable, low-cost enterprise solutions.”

While many ISVs are already making Unbreakable Linux solutions, Oracle’s Robert Shimp, vice president of database marketing, noted that customers are interested in moving to a low-cost server operating system like Linux, but they also want a single technical support number to call and classic enterprise-level application support. Providing that is the thrust behind Oracle’s partnerships with Dell (Quote, Company Info), Hewlett-Packard , Red Hat and UnitedLinux. The new partnership program further extends Oracle’s support capabilities to its ISV partners.

In exchange for joining, ISVs will have access to:

* A lead generation campaign specifically for ISVs delivering solutions on Unbreakable Linux

* A “Powered By” Unbreakable Linux marketing campaign builder

* Additional marketing development funds for qualifying ISVs

* Access to Oracle and partner competency centers for ISVs to test and tune their applications on Linux

* Oracle on Linux training roadmaps, education and workshops

* Sizing assistance and migration tools

* Pricing and promotional programs.

“We will put in $2 for every $1 they put in to get these campaigns launched,” Shimp said of the marketing funds Oracle will supply. He added that, for the first time, ISV partners will have access to Oracle’s installed base, and that solutions they create will be visible on

Shimp said Oracle is pouring additional resources into its Unbreakable Linux campaign because the demand has exceeded its expectations. He noted that the company just passed its millionth download of Oracle Database on Linux.

“It’s been very encouraging,” he said. “That’s one of the big reasons why we’re now taking this to the next level. We’re seeing the market reach the critical point where a whirlwind of sales start to occur. We think that’s just going to open the door to tremendous growth for everybody.”

Oracle will formally introduce the program at its Unbreakable Linux Partner Initiative event at the Pierre Hotel in New York City on April 1.