Oracle in Free Pursuit of MySQL DB

The free beta version of Oracle Database 10g Express Edition, or Oracle Database XE, is available for download today, the company said in a statement. XE was created to give software developers, database administrators and students a sense of what it is like to run their applications on Oracle code.

XE is built on the Oracle Database 10g Release 2 code base and is fully compatible with the company’s Standard Edition One, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition database products.

Users can start small. If they like what they see, they can upgrade to other editions of Oracle Database 10g as demand grows, moving their applications to other editions without changes.

XE delivers the same SQL and PL/SQL interfaces that are available in Oracle Database 10g, as well as support for Java, .NET, PHP, and Windows. XE also lets developers take full advantage of Oracle’s HTML DB feature for Web application development.

Oracle Database XE is available now on 32-bit Linux and Windows operating systems, and can be installed on any supported hardware platform.

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