Security Roundup

Here is a recap of some of the important security and disaster recovery stories posted on CIN during the last few months.

1. Companies Confront Rising Network Security Threats
Ensuring that their systems are trustworthy and secure is a major corporate responsibility, but many companies aren’t doing nearly enough to protect their networks from increasingly potent and global threats. Eva Marer reports on the rising risks and finds some ways to bolster security.
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2. Do You Need Tech Liability Coverage?
In today’s technology-driven business environment, companies are subject to risks that weren’t imaginable just five years ago.
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3. Create a Disaster Emergency Plan 1-2-3
Any type of a disaster be it brought on by man or by the extremes of nature can bring business to a halt if you’re not prepared for the inevitable. However, you can take three steps now to make sure your data center’s resources will continue to function during and after a major disaster.
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4. Standardizing Information Systems Security Across The Globe
Confidence and trust are essential ingredients to the success and growth
of e-commerce. Mark Merkow takes a look at ISO 17799, the
internationally recognized information security standard, and its
recommendations for developing organizational security standards and
effective security management practice.
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5. Firms Face Daunting Task of Disaster Recovery
Firms affected by the rescue and recovery operations face the monumental
task of getting back on their feet. Experts say the ones that will recover
are the firms that had disaster recovery plans in place.
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