Special Report: Linux in the Enterprise

Linux’s adoption in the enterprise has turned into one of the hottest technology trends of the past few years. To help enterprise IT executives and other decision makers connect with the latest information and opinions on Linux, we’ve created this CIN Special Report with links to articles, columns and analyst reports we’ve published.

General features:

Who’s Afraid of Linux?

: Despite the hesitancy of Oracle and other ERP vendors, more IT managers are examining Linux

as a platform for their business applications because of huge potential savings. A few key

lessons for brave early adopters.

Linux Breathes New Life Into The Mainframe
: Linux, which started out as a college student’s hobby, is rapidly becoming a force in the

mainframe data centers of corporate America.

Sun Edges

Toward a Linux Binge: Linux will increasingly become a larger part of Sun’s offerings, but

the company recently said it’s not abandoning its Unix roots.

From the Product of the Year coverage:

Linux Gains

Legitimacy in the Enterprise
: The list of winners of Datamation’s recent Product of the Year 2001 Awards includes some industry stalwarts – and a relative upstart whose victory heralds a sea change in the enterprise.

Network and Systems Software Product of the Year 2001

: With their selection of Red Hat Linux 7.2 as the top Network and Systems Software

product of 2001, Datamation readers send a resounding message: Linux has a valuable — and

growing — role in the enterprise.

Analyst Reports:

Aberdeen InSight:

Linux Gets A Boost From Standards: Linux is knocking on the enterprise door and quickly

making inroads. Read how the Free Standards Group is accelerating this effort via its Linux

Standard Base and Li18nux initiatives.

Aberdeen InSight:

Linux-Based Software Management: An Aberdeen Group analyst outlines the challenges of

managing Linux platforms and the features users should consider when selecting Linux software

management solutions.

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