Suffering from the Cost Cutting Blues?

The Portfolio and Program Management capability provides visibility into the investment planning and results of the assets and programs portfolio of the enterprise – wherever technology and business intersect. It is focused on effective program monitoring and execution, employing proven management techniques to evaluate performance, identifying areas of strength and weakness, and acts decisively and preemptively to maximize returns from the enterprise’s investments.

Finally, the Approval and Prioritization capability establishes the criteria used for evaluating alternatives, specifying the decision-making process, and prioritizing business technology investments. It provides a consistent framework for planning, proposing, and deciding upon business technology initiatives.

In order to determine how well your organization is equipped to support demand-shaping activities, each of these capabilities should be evaluated both horizontally and vertically within an organization in order to realize their full value potential. For example, the demand portfolio should be analyzed from both an organization perspective such as a business unit, but also by major functions or business process such as Human Resources. Demand shaping is an ongoing process that should be mastered like the supply side regardless of economic conditions of a company or industry.

Michael Fillios lives at the intersection of Business and Technology. As an expert in Business Technology Management, he leads executives around the world in advancing their maturity in managing business and technology together. He is the Managing Director of BTM Global 2000, a provider of solutions that help organizations improve the business value of technology.