Supercharge Your Project Portfolio Management

Finally, the third stage can be established where IT is a partner with business leadership in proactively assessing new opportunities. At this point, the interface between IT and the business becomes blurred as projects and activities become joint efforts.

Get the Right People

Because the RMs represent the face of IT, as well as the face of the PPM practice, they must know your specific, step-by-step PPM process inherently. The RM should be positioned as the focal point for working closely with the business in the completion of the initial screening stage-gate, the development of the business case analysis for proposed projects, as well as the executive documentation required by the IT steering committee for the review, approval, and funding activities associated with proposed IT projects.

Specific PPM responsibilities that should be streamlined and performed consistently by the RM include:

  • Working with other information technology areas to develop PPM and IT governance policies and procedures.
  • Have strong knowledge of the PPM technical analysis, evaluation methods & required portfolio reports for senior management.
  • Effective execution and management of the PPM and IT governance process.
  • Translation of the business’ functional and information objectives into IT strategic/tactical business plans and systems development requests.
  • Ensure PPM screening evaluations (i.e. alignment, ROI, risk, etc.) are executed in an efficient, effective, and consistent manner.
  • Manage feasibility studies and business case analysis of projects progressing through the PPM practice.
  • Works with other information technology areas to analyze project needs and determine resources needed to meet project objectives.
  • Maintain a strong working relationship with the finance department to ensure effective financial estimates and benefits realization measurements.

    If you’ve already started down the path of deploying a PPM discipline and you are struggling because of a lack of understanding or commitment from the business, then establishing the RM role may be the key to solving this problem.

    With their inherent knowledge of the IT environment and it’s processes, combined with their exposure and influence with business leaders, RMs can be the greatest assets that bring success to an IT PPM effort. Leverage this essential IT position to supercharge your PPM efforts or get it back on the track to success.

    Jeff Monteforte is president of Exential, a Cleveland, Ohio-based information strategy consulting firm that specializes in IT governance, information security and business intelligence solutions. He can be reached at [email protected].