Three DLP Offerings that Should be on Your Short List

EMC Documentum Information Rights Management (IRM)

EMC Documentum IRM encrypts and protects documents from unauthorized viewing, copying and printing. The solution works wherever the document needs to be viewed or saved. A central policy server holds encryption keys for content and the policies controlling its use. Policies can be changed on the fly and applied to documents after they are delivered to users within the enterprise. Users download a small client that allows them to access and work on the documents you’re protecting. Documents can be digitally watermarked for viewing and printing. Documentum IRM is a complete DLP solution with support for protecting just about any kind of content out there.

Lumension Application Control and Device Control

These two Lumension products combine to offer a powerful approach to DLP that is very different from Symantec and EMC. Device Control is a centrally managed client application that controls what users can do with removable media. All policies are stored centrally and pushed to the client app and can enforce a wide variety of granular rules such as only allowing a specific make and model of USB memory key to be used or allow a specific user to mount an iPod only outside working hours. Device Control can also enforce encryption policy when documents are copied to removable media.

Application Control supplements the solution by establishing a white list of accepted applications and then blocking anything else from executing. This prevents malware and malicious script from running and therefore protects data against theft from them. Solid, detailed reports are available in both products.

Matt Sarrel is executive director of Sarrel Group, a technology product test lab, editorial services and consulting practice specializing in competitive intelligence. He has over 20 years of experience in IT and focuses on high-speed large scale networking, information security, and enterprise storage. He can be reached at [email protected], Twitter: @msarrel.