Top 20 Open Source Software Projects in the Enterprise

Outside of Linux, most large enterprises are not consuming full-blown open source software applications but, rather, are using open source tools sets to aid in-house development efforts.

To come up with its Top 20 list, OpenLogic, a provider of open source solutions that help its 700 Global 2000 enterprise customers acquire, support, track and control open source software, queries its customers as to which open source software projects they are using.

Unlike, small businesses and SMBs, which are more likely to adopt open source production applications like Sugar CRM or PostgreSQL database, companies in the Global 2000 are content with Java and Web development tools, said Kim Weins, SVP of Marketing and Products for OpenLogic.

“I think (the Top 20 list) aligns well with the type of applications that enterprises are building, which are web and java applications … so these represent open source components that fit with those technologies,” she said.

In no particular order, the Top 20 (there are actually 28 projects listed because there were some ties) open source software project in use in the enterprise are:

  • Struts
  • Ant
  • Xerces
  • Tomcat
  • Spring
  • Log4j
  • JUnit
  • Hibernate
  • Eclipse
  • Apache Web Server
  • POI
  • Axis
  • Jakarta Commons
  • Xalan
  • Velocity
  • JBoss
  • JSTL
  • JDOM
  • MySQL
  • iText
  • CVS
  • Dom4j
  • Perl
  • OpenSSH
  • Tcl/Tk
  • vim
  • PHP
  • Regexp
  • A brief description of each of these projects can be found in OpenLogic’s open source software library.