CA Embarks on Rebranding Campaign

Over the next 12-18 months, CA will drop its various sub-brands (eTrust, Unicenter, BrightStor, etc.) and product brand names (PestPatrol, Endevor, FileSurf, etc.). Instead, the company will simply use “CA” and a product descriptor. Unicenter Service Desk, for example, will become CA Service Desk, and eTrust Access Control will become CA Access Control.

In surveys conducted with more than 500 IT directors and managers
around the world, the company learned its CA brand name is much stronger than these other brands. It therefore made sense to set aside the brands in favor of a unified CA brand image.

“Based on customer input, CA is simplifying all of its product names to
make it easier for customers to find and buy CA solutions,” said company spokesperson Michael Kornspan. “We are moving to a master brand strategy. This is the next logical step in clearly defining CA’s value. Customers told us they were confused about CA because they didn’t understand what we stood for or what we delivered.”

The full migration-from marketing materials down through the software and user manuals and documentation-for all CA products is beginning now
and will take about 12-18 months. The company will evolve product names as new products and product releases come to market.