Friday’s Top 5

Software Project Failure: The Reasons, The Costs – When a major software project fails, the results can be devastating to an organization. This article uses economic criterion to define what it means for a project to fail and examines common traps that contribute to or accelerate project failure.

Project Management Best Practices: An Introduction to COBIT –

In this sixth and final part of our project management series CIOUpdate guest columnists Haydn Thomas and Julie Tilke of CA explain the value of COBIT and similar IT management methodologies have for project management and IT in general.

IT Education Isn’t the Problem, You AreIf you’re wondering why good IT help is forever hard to find, CIOUpdate columnist Patrick Gray of the Prevoyance Group has a few answers.

HR Still Doesn’t Get ItWhile money is good, most employees are lured by flexibility and freedom.

Lessons Learned from Biggest Bank Heist in History – The U.K.’s Sumitomo bank heist last year holds important lessons for IT security pros, writes CIO Update columnist Richard Stiennon of IT Harvest.