IBM Betting Big on Identity Management

  • IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator: Built atop the Metamerge meta-directory product that IBM acquired in mid-2002. Directory Integrator is used to define an authoritative source for identity information. For example, the human resource application can be defined as the authoritative source for employee name, address, and home phone.

  • IBM Tivoli Identity Manager: Now based on the enRole provisioning product acquired from Access360, also in 2002. IBM scrapped the investment made in its homegrown product, also called Identity Manager. Work is ongoing to integrate Identity Manager with Directory Integrator.
  • IBM Tivoli Privacy Manager: An IBM-developed product used to grant access to certain records and databases, depending on the authority and job responsibility of the user. Privacy Manager is useful for proving compliance with government privacy and other regulations. It’s based on the Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) specification of the W3C.
  • IBM Tivoli Security Compliance Manager: An IBM-developed product used to examine individual desktop and laptop computers for compliance to corporate policies on software and configurations. The server-based product allows administrators to maintain compliance without visiting individual machines. The product has its roots in IBM Global Services, which developed it from some of its engagements.

  • IBM Tivoli Risk Manager: An IBM-developed product that feeds information from identity management products into a single event console. The product can accept information from approximately 70 devices, such as Cisco firewalls.

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