Job Site Warns of ID Theft Risk

One of the top Internet career sites,, acknowledging that some of its users are being targeted for identity theft via false job postings, has issued a warning to millions of its registered users.

The TMP Worldwide subsidiary sent e-mails to job-seekers warning them about the possibility of attempts to steal personal information from fake employer job listings.

The e-mail, called a “critical service message,” reportedly says that “regrettably, from time to time, false job postings are listed online and used to illegally collect personal information from unsuspecting job seekers.” and competitors like and already post some information cautioning users of the risk of theft of personal information, warning them not to give out Social Security numbers, bank account data and other personal information.

Monster’s own privacy policy warns that “Monster’s Terms of Use prohibit job postings which require job seekers to pay any funds prior to employment. Do not give your credit card numbers (or) bank account number to any prospective employer or engage in any transaction in which you are requested to transfer or exchange currency or funds to or for a prospective employer. Be cautious providing any personal information over the phone or online to prospective employers other than the information you have already provided in your resume.

A spokesman was quoted as saying the warning was not issued because of a specific incident. Identity theft on the job boards is “a very rare occurrence,” a spokesman told the Associated Press. “We just want to be out in front of any potential problems.”

The FTC also has installed a toll-free number, 1-877-IDTHEFT (877-438-4338) where consumers who have been victims of identity theft can report the crime and get advice from telephone counselors trained to provide assistance to ID theft victims.