Making Sense of PPM Software

The Competition

Below is summary listing of some of the more prevailing vendors and products on the market, along with a brief statement to help you understand the strength of each product:

  • Alinean – ROI Analyst (Strong business case analysis, financials capability)
  • Artemis International Solutions Corp. – Artemis 7 (PPM & PM capabilities; excellent portfolio graphical views)
  • Business Engine – BEN 5.2 (Strong reporting and portfolio analytics)
  • Enrich Consulting – Portfolio System 3.0 (PPM for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and high-technology industries)
  • Expert Choice – EC11 & EC Resource Aligner (PPM & resource management)
  • GenSight – Portfolio Manager (Advanced portfolio graphical & scenario modeling)
  • ITCentrix – Precision IQ (Strong cost/benefit analysis capability)
  • Legadero – Tempo (Full IT governance software suite)
  • Metier – WorkLenz (Unique methodology for “predictive” PPM)
  • NIKU – Clarity/Portfolio Manager (Complete IT governance suite with strong “what-if” analysis and an executive dashboard)
  • Oracle/PeopleSoft – Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (PPM & project health tracking)
  • Pacific Edge – Portfolio Edge (Comprehensive PPM & PM)
  • Planisware – OPX2 (Project health, portfolio simulation and a focus on pharmaceutical industry)
  • PlanView – PlanView Enterprise (Full suite of PPM, PM, & resource management modules)
  • Portfolio Decisionware – PDW Portfolio (Low-end Microsoft Excel based solution; XML integration to PM tools)
  • Primevera – IT Operations Management (PPM & PM integration; a complete suite of modules focused on the construction industry)
  • Project Arena – Project Performance (PPM; hosted solution)
  • ProSight – Portfolios (PPM & Microsoft Project Server integration)
  • SAP – xRPM (Relatively new PPM offering)
  • United Management Technologies (UMT) – Portfolio Manager (Full suite of PPM, PM, & resource management modules; exceptionally advanced financial calculations & metrics)
  • ValueCurve – ValueDriver4 (PPM with a focus on value realization and performance management)
  • Welcom – WelcomPortfolio (PPM & integration to P3e and Microsoft Project)
  • Overall, the category of tools for PPM and IT governance is relatively immature, but growing and changing rapidly. And because the value of PPM is in the method and not the tool, when companies are ready to buy they should evaluate products in this market in terms of functional fit and maturity, technological fit, and industry specialization.

    Lower-priced, less-functional products are available in the market, but buyers should be wary of their seduction as vendors acquire and leapfrog each other for the next few years.

    Jeff Monteforte is president of Exential, a Cleveland, OH.-based information strategy consulting firm, which specializes in IT governance, information security and business intelligence solutions. He can be reached at [email protected].