Nominations Open for CEO Vision Awards 2008 CEO Vision Awards

Vision: The art of seeing things invisible, as Jonathan Swift once wrote.

Visionary executives, we submit, are those who not only see possibilities in plain sight, but who also possess a unique mixture of skills, abilities and leadership that can make the impossible happen. They are individuals who can marshal the resources and people around them because of the strength and integrity of their vision.

It’s a quality that every chief executive looks deep within to find, or wants to find, or hopes to develop one day. We see them all the time in our day-to-day editorial mission of covering enterprise and Internet technology for IT pros at

Some have it and some don’t.

We think it’s time to call attention to the best in today’s business with the CEO Vision Awards, in which we celebrate visionary chief executives who kept the faith, inspired their troops and made a difference in the industry. They may be toiling quietly behind the scenes on some of the hottest tech changing our world, or they could be comfortable in the spotlight and handling the heat as well.

We’re opening up the nomination process to you, our readers, in the spirit of making this a more comprehensive look at our industry. From those nominees,’s editors will review and select the top 10 visionary CEOs working in the technology industry today.

You may know or work with one. Was it the person’s sheer ability to champion an unproven technology that later changed how we communicate? Was it how this leader brought about technology that is changing how businesses operate? Maybe you’re thinking of a certain executive who saw the future, and was able to take an older technology company and lead it into the cutting edge, fearlessly.

Please use the form below to send in your nominations. We only ask that you limit your nominations to sitting CEOs and keep reasons for submitting nominations to 500 words each.

We’re looking over a wide range of leaders in technology and Internet-focused companies — both large and small, who in many ways are helping to create the state of mind in the enterprise technology industry, as great leaders are often described. Chances are this person you have in mind is a dreamer, maybe is a bit quirky, has a sense of history and how the technology can make an impact.

Let us know! Nominations are open until Aug. 2. We will announce the winners the week of Sept. 15.

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