Security Vendors Debate the ‘Arms Race’

Friedrichs of Symantec agreed. “We know we don’t have the best applications in all areas, but they’re all competitive. The benefit is the integration and having a single source of support.”

He noted Symantec also has a consulting group that builds custom security products for certain large customers and has helped some governments set up their own security operations center.

While there may always be new security threats, Niloo Howe, managing director of Paladin Capital Group, said there are structural and behavioral issues that worsen the situation. For example, she said that 80 percent of identity theft is enabled by avoidable errors.

“The issue is you have systems built without security in mind. And then you have a global supply chain, which increases the capability of injecting malicious code.”

She said Paladin’s investment strategy was to “get out of the whack-a-mole syndrome” of solutions that fix one threat only to have another take its place. “We want to get ahead of this super-evolving list of threats.”

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