Standing at the Crossroads

The ‘Short’ List

Here’s a “short” list to share with whomever you think will feel the pain of your plight. It’s just a listing in no particular order (since on any given day any one of these things can rise to the top of the list) of the many projects, technologies, and, basically, things that you as the CIO and IT in general are having to deal with on a daily basis. Every single one of these has a break out of sub-headings that can and often does fill volumes of 3-ring binders:

Keeping the Lights On

Consumer Products Entering the Workspace

Legacy Hardware and Software (and making it work with new stuff)

Project Management (business projects as well as IT projects)

IT Service Management


ITIL, CoBIT, ValIT, et. al.




eDiscovery (i.e., the legal implications of data archiving)

CRM, ERP (yes, they’re still out there taking over the world)

Outsourcing/Offshoring (not always the same thing)

Data Center Consolidation (or expansion!)

Increasing Maturity Levels based on the CMMi index.

IT Security – VPNs, war driving, hackers, laptop, PC, etc., WAN, LAN, gigabyte key fobs, iPhones, encryption, etc., etc.

Physical Security

Compliance Issues

Web 1.0, Web 2.0 … Web 3.0?

Mobility/VoIP/Unified Communications

Application Rationalization



IT Commoditization

Green IT

New Market Enablement

Silos (organizational and technological)


Budget Issues – RIO, TCO



Staffing – h2B, aging workforce issues, Gen X/Y, work/life issues

Open Source Software vs. Buying Proprietary Licenses vs. In-House Development

Cloud Computing

Business Intelligence




Running IT like a Business

Etc., etc., etc.