Stop Talking and Start Thinking

Based on our collective research, we have discovered that when it comes to business technology investments, organizations typically don’t have a common approval and prioritization capability that is based on factual vs. emotional decision-making. Consequently, this often results in a series of meetings, data gathering exercises, and execution of ad-hoc decision processes that can paralyze and significantly delay decision cycle times.

An effective management capability must address four critical dimensions to reach its full potential. These are process, organization, information and automation. In the instance of approval and prioritization, these dimensions would fully define the criteria used for evaluating alternatives, specifying the decision-making process, and prioritizing business technology investments with a consistent framework for planning, proposing, and deciding upon business technology initiatives.

Along with repeatable management capabilities, knowledge workers need to be empowered to make the most of their skills. If they are, they can often work on many projects at the same time and can multiply the results of their efforts, thereby improving productivity.

As the slightly modified saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him think.” I guess we will have to think about that!

Michael Fillios has been at the intersection of business and technology for 20 years. As an expert in business technology management, he has led executives around the world in advancing their maturity in managing business and technology together. He is the managing director of BTM Global 2000, a provider of solutions that help organizations improve the business value of technology.